Ice Cream Cakes

No ice cream shop is complete without ice cream cakes and rolls, bcause a substantial part of the business is catering to parties.

The cake itself is easy to make. Alternate layers of cake and ice cream are added to a spring mold until the desired height is achieved. The cake is frozen and then sugar icing and additions are added exactly like one would when icing a cake. Models, kept for a long time in an upright display freezer are usually made from styrofoam and then the icing is added.The ice cream sandwich, shown below is made the same way, with lady fingers in the middle.

Ice Cream Rolls

A mold is lined with separation paper, then the ice cream is loaded and frozen. The cake layer is cut to size, then the ice cream is rolled onto it.

The roll is fits easily into the home freezer.

Gelato On A Stick

The finished gelato is pressd into a mold, frozen (with the stick) and then “enrobed” with a specialized type of confiture that comes in various colors and flavors, chocolate being the most common. Special shapes, such as these heart-shaped products are a big draw for valentine’s day

Frozen water-ice, sometimes with a bit of non-fat milk added, are sold as “popsicles," but are different. They have traditionally been low-cost products, popular with children, but today there are increasingly fancy popsicles being made with real fruit slurries, similar to sorbets.