Add 250 gr of fruit, chocolate or vanilla paste or 150 gr of nut paste per tub

PASTE TOPPINGS contain pieces of fruit and must be refrigerated after opening.

OTHER TOPPINGS: hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles, mini nips, chopped peanuts, rice crisps, oreo sprinkle

Our all-natural ice cream flavors (pastes) are chock-full of real fruit and nuts. We use expensive, imported Italian flavor concentrates and aromas in our pastes, but, labor is so much cheaper here in Thailand. Manufacturing costs are less. We pass those savings on to you.

Our ingredients are all are all-natural, made in small batches, so they are absolutely fresh when you get them. All flavors come in 4L pails, enough to flavor 16 tubs of fruit flavors or 26 tubs of nut flavors.

In the pail, our flavours taste sour, because they are preserved with sorbic acid, a natural preservative. But, the sourness is transformed amazingly into sweetness when mixed with ice cream!

Ice cream flavors do not require refrigeration after opening, but the “toppings” also sold in 4L pails do.

Many of the most popular flavors come pre-mixed and require no additions.
All our ingredients have a 2-year shelf life but last longer if kept cool. 

Nothing stimulates customer desire like the explosive colors and aroma of fabulous frozen desserts!