Feel Good About Eating Our Desserts!

Our healthy, all-natural, wonderfully delicious frozen desserts, taste just as good as traditional, classic Italian gelato, bursting with flavor! So rich and creamy, yet low in fat and sugar.

Now your customers can indulge in delicious desserts and feel good about their choice!

Our delicious ice cream is so easy to make! Every flavor and style is made the same way! No measuring!

Just add bag of base to 2L just boiled water, chill and add flavor. Presto! Put comes great gelato! Your employees can learn to make great ice cream quickly!

Chef Apple

Become an Ice Cream Expert

Train with Chef Apple, who has studied confectionary in Paris and Italy. She has 20 years of gelato and pastry-making experience. She is a genius with flavors! 

What We Sell?

Classic Italian Style gelato
All natural, made with New Zealand whole milk powder, plus sherbets and sorbets

Health-Conscious Treats
Plant-based Vegan, Ketogenic, Probiotic, Hi-Protein and Sugar-free Italian-style gelato, sherbets and sorbets

Delicious baked goods
Delicious, sugar cone, doughnut, brownie and Belgium Waffle mix

Machinery and Equipment
All the machinery and equipment you need to make fine ice cream and frozen desserts, Train on machines we sell!

5-day Training Course
Become a Master Gelato Chef. Get hands-on, closely supervised training in a real ice cream factory. Learn how to use all the ingredients and machinery we sell.

10-day Fly-in Startup
We fly to your location, train your staff, tweak your equipment, fill your freezers with delicious products and attend your grand opening.

We treat our customers like family. Put experts on your team!