Some say, “Our Ice Cream is So Good it Hurts the Mouth!”


Classic Italian Gelato-made in minutes!

We provide ingredients to make a  ”traditional” Italian-style gelato creamy and richly flavored, with imported Italian flavoring, NZ or AU milk. It is incredibly thick and creamy almost like a custard, but low in fat and sugar.  Because there is less fat, the favor is more intense. 

Vegan, Ketogenic, Sugar-Free and Hi-Protein Frozen Desserts

When I was a kid, if something was advertised as “healthy,” that usually meant it did not taste good. All that has changed! Our wonderfully delicious frozen desserts taste just as good as traditional gelato, bursting with flavor! Now you can indulge in delicious desserts and feel good about your choice!

Become an Ice Cream Expert in Hours!

All of our products are so easy to use! Become a gelato expert in a few hours! Just add 1 bag of base to 2L hot water and stir, chill and add to batch machine. In 7 minutes, presto! Out comes great ice cream! SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO MAKE OUR PRODUCTS.



Our Mission & Products

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Our Products

We make ice cream and frozen desert ingredients so intently delicious you will be amazed. These include classic Italian gelato, in regular, low fat/sugar and sugar-free which come in many pre-packaged flavors and unflavored. You can add any of our 70 delicious flavors to the unflavored base.

Our intensely flavored Vegan frozen desserts come in regular or sugar free. they have no animal products in them and are popular with modern, trendy health and weight conscious people. We help the start-up entrepreneur “get going.” Join the Dream Cones family. Put experts on your team!

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Dream Cones Training

Training is our most important product. Anyone can just train you to make stuff. We also train you to be a success! Our trainees tell us that about 80% of the stuff we teach is stuff they never even thought about!

Our 10-day fly-in startup trains your staff, tweaks you equipment, fills your freezers and reefers with product, ready for your Grand Opening!

Our 5-day Bangkok training course starts the first Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November. You learn how to make everything you sell.

Graduates receive a Dream Cones Chef Hat, diploma and graduation photos. READ MORE

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Our Equipment

We sell quality. If you are looking for the cheapest, keep on looking. If equipment is cheaper, it is cheaper for a reason. We try to sell the least expensive that is reliable. Almost everything we sell is also used in our own factories and shops.

Our ingredients are made fresh, to order. They are all-natural, made with the highest quality components plus lots of real fruit. Aromas and flavorings come direct from Italy.

All equipment is fully warranted for at least one year or two years for European equipment. It rarely breaks. This quality speaks for itself!

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Batch Machines to fit your budget

The top-quality ice cream batch machines can’t be beat for low price and reliability. What we sell is what we use in all of our factories, churning our great ice cream 6 days per week for 16 years! All produce maximum overrun, batch in just 10 minutes! Fully automatic. Anyone can learn!

Which Base is Right For You?

Gelato, Sherbet, Sorbet, Crepe, Milkshake Bases

Our Gelato Bases-all Delicious, So Easy to Make! 

Everything you need to get started


Can this really be vegan ice cream? Yes!

Make low fat, cholesterol-free treats in minutes!
6 prepackaged flavors and 60 others! Available sugar free!

Incredibly easy to make, low fat animal product-free treats that are just as delicious as regular gelato, with real imported Italian flavor. Just add bag of base to hot water, stir, chill and add to machine. In 7 minutes out comes delicious vegan ice cream!  READ MORE


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New S.Thailand Shop Hot Success 

Gas-station mall shop is a winner!

Our new Southern Thailand shop, located in a gas mall has been a hot success. The town where it is located is small but it is just far enough by car to the next city to warrant a stop at the mall.

The ice cream case is in the open air but air-conditioned seating is in the rear. A large rear room will be developed to make food.  Ice cream and food products are delivered twice per week by mini van from our Bangkok Factory. SEE PICS