The Avant Garde is one of our most popular showcases, because of its simple elegance. It fits well into the modern motifs of many shops and stands. An Illuminated or non-illuminated front panel with logo/text application is available.

The “regular,” case (upper right) takes stainless steel tubs and the “lower,” “delux”
model uses transparent polycarbonate tubs, LED lighting under the tubs and the case is 150 cm (6”) higher.

Rear Plexiglass sliding door or wraparound curtain. The tilt-up top makes this usually difficult area easier to clean inside. The specially developed Dual Time Defrost System. (220V only) and electrically heated, double-glased glass prevent frosting.

Polyurethane case, -18 to -22C.

Height mm – (inches)
1170 (46.06”) or 1320 (51.96”)

Length and Depth mm – (inches)
U 1230 / 1565 (48.42” / 61.61”// 1735 / 2255  (68.30” / 88.77”)

D 1137 (44.76”).,

45 degree curved case also available
Also available for cakes and pastry

12, 16,18, 24 and 30 tub models available. The 16, 18, 24 and 30 tub models have double hermetic compressors