This model has been in production for decades, steadily improved over the years. Every year improvements were made, some at my suggestion. By now these honeys have run for years without problems. It is one of the few machines that you can customize for your own budget and needs.  R448A, considered less polluting than the older  R404. R448A  is an option.

In my opinion, the most important other options are the pre-cooled hoppers, that have their own compresor, which adds to the cost but it it just foolish to have unrefrigerated mix sitting around all day developing bacteria. Next comes the mix agitator, that continuously stirs the mix, keeping it from clumping and losing air.

The 30L is a bit tall for me as a countertop machine, but being that large sure makes it easier to service and clean.

The Italian gear pump is a big improvement over the old one, significantly increasing the mixture by as much as 50%, depending on the mix.The pump is a bigger deal than it seems, because by injecting air into the mix, the ice cream stands taller and also ingredient costs are less. But down side is that the air pump adds cost and is only worthwhile if you are expecting high volume sales