The Neoclassic has been around for about 30 years and its longevity in our product line is a testimony to its timeless beauty and demand. There is a single layer of heated and tempered double glazing glass on all sides which preventss frosting eve in the most humid days.

“Back in the day,” many of these cases were used in open-air shops and this case functions well at teperatiures up to +35C without frosting or icing up. The specially developed Dual Time Defrost System (220V only) prevents icing even in the summer humidity. Front glass opens. Illuminated or non-illuminated front panel with logo/text application

Double hermetic compressor (16 and above models).
Specially developed Dual Time Defrost System. (220V only)
Polyurethane solid case.
RAL lacquer front and side panels.
Wheels with/without brakes and/or fixed feet.
Rear Plexiglass sliding door or wraparound curtain.
Ice cream tubs are included.
Cooling Capacity; Tested under 60% humidity conditions at +35°C.