About Batch Freezers

Modern batch freezers are highly automated or even “automatic.” Break-downs are extremely rare. Most machines run for many years without failure.

Batch freezers are classified by the size of their freeze chamber.  A 10L freeze chamber can make about 7L of ice cream in about 7 minutes.

European batch freezers usually extrude at a much lower temperature, making it easier to decorate the ice cream and sell immediately, without blast freezing.



European freezers are much more expensive than Chinese, because of higher manufacturing costs and heavier, all-European parts.

Chinese batch freezers and pasteurisers are very competitive in price. Cheap machines are cheap for a reason. In general, Chinese machines will require gas 1-2X per year. The hermetic compressors can be expected to run at least 5-7 years and many run much longer before needing service, which is usually a rebuild. Our first Chinese batch freezer ran 15-years before needing a new compressor.



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