Add-a-Cow is the original Italian way base was made, by adding your own milk, cream and sugar to the base powder. It is usually made using a pasteurizer.  It is popular in countries where milk is inexpensive. You also can save on the cost of the cream and sugar.

Get started with Express Base because it’s so easy to use. Switch to Add-A-Cow later. Many love Express base and NEVER change! The finished mix can be pasteurized in a pasteurizer or heated to 65 C for 15 minutes . After chilling, add flavor.

Add-A-Cow can also be made with whole milk powder and just-boiled hot water, achieving instant pasteurization. Substitute: 85 gr. powdered milk plus 610 gr. just boiled water.

IngrEdients: milk, sugar base, cream optional

Add Milk

Add Base About 75-85Gr

Add Sugar

Add Cream

Heat To Pasteurize Chill, Add Flavor

Whole Milk 700 gr.     Heavy Whipping Cream110 gr.   Sugar 120 gr.   Add-a-Cow 74 gr.