About Us

Dream Cones Ltd.  was founded in 2000 and Good Apple in 2013. Dream Cones is dedicated to helping people open their own fine dessert & light food business. We always say “training is our most important product.” Our 5-day training class can turn you into an expert gelato chef who can make a complete range of ice cream. We have a product line of ice cream ingredients that can’t be beat, producing a huge range of products so intensely delicious it “hurts the mouth.”

Our ice scream is amazing in flavor and so thick and creamy. It is hard to believe it is much lower in fat and sugar than commercial products. We also offer a “sugar free* line,” suitable for weight watchers, diabetics and health conscious people.

Our main office/factory is in Bangkok with another factory in Hua-Hin. We support franchisees in Thailand and many parts of the world, including  Brunei, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi, and the UAE.  We also supply non-franchisees all over the world.

We provide just about everything you need to be an ice cream entrepreneur, all shipped to your nearest port. Everything means “everything.”

We make all of our ingredients in Thailand and in Italy. Everything is all-natural, made from the very best ingredients and enhanced with real imported Italian flavors and aromas. Our Good Apple spices and flavourings are formulated by us but mixed in the USA.

Our low-cost franchise fee is a tiny fraction of what it would cost to get a Swensen or Cold Stone franchise! And, there is no commission or royalty fee.  You keep every penny you earn!

Having experts with 18 years experience takes all the worry and risk out of a startup. Small errors you unwittingly make at startup can become enormously expensive mistakes later on. We help you avoid these!

Most important of all, WE TREAT OUR FRANCHISEES LIKE FAMILY. Join the Dream Cones family. Put experts on your team.