Chef Apple, our CEO, the “Big Boss,” trained in Paris and Italy, with twenty years of experience making ice cream and fine desserts. She is a genius making flavors.
Making new flavors takes a research lab a month and costs a bundle. Chef Apple can do the same job in a couple of hours. She can help you create your own special flavors.

Chef Michael, trained in the famous Julia Child Ecole des Trois Gourmandes in Paris is also a microbiologist. He manages the Food Science department, responsible for product formulas and health safety.

Dream Cones Ltd. was founded in 2000. It was a horrible first week. All the mistakes we made setting up became obvious, machinery broke down, the ice cream came out as milkshakes.

We decided that when we became experts, we would try to help new ice cream entrepreneurs avoid some of the pitfalls we experienced. That is our mission!

We always say, “training is our most important product.” Our 5-day training class can turn you into an expert gelato chef. Even better is our 10-day Fly-in Startup.

We train your staff, help make all the food for the grand opening and tweak your equipment.

We support franchisees in Thailand and many parts of the world, including Brunei, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi, and the UAE.  We also supply non-franchisees all over the world.

We make all of our ingredients in Thailand and in Italy. Everything is all-natural, made from the best ingredients and enhanced with real imported Italian flavors and aromas.

Most important of all, WE TREAT OUR FRANCHISEES LIKE FAMILY. Join the Dream Cones family. Put experts on your team.