The Slim is a compact freezer with a single line of six, 5L tubs, designed for tight spaces. Monolithic polyurethane casing and side panels made of polyurethane produce the highest level of insulation and cooling. It is a rugged unit, that is often found in open-air shops or kiosks and can handle air temperatures as high as 35C.

For those planning to show at festivals or trade shows, the Slim is ideal, because it is small and light enough for two men to lift.

Heated and tempered double glazed glass.
LED lighting.
RAL lacquer front and side panels.
Illuminated or non-illuminated front panel with logo/text application.
Wheels with/without brakes and/or fixed feet.
Rear Plexiglass sliding door or wraparound curtain.
Ice cream tubs are included.
Cooling Capacity; Tested under 60% humidity conditions at +35°C.

Height mm – (inches)
1300 (51.18”)

Length and Depth mm – (inches)
U 1225 / 1405 / 1585 / 1980 (48.22” / 55.31” / 62.40” / 77.95”)
D 685 (26.96”)

Cooling Capacity
-18 / -22 C (0 / -7.6 F)