Mini Countertop Batch Freezer

The Mini is a small but powerful countertop batch freezer that runs on 110 or 220V house power, comes in three ouput sizes:

  • 4-6L/hr
  • 8-12L/hr
  • 16-24L/hr

It is comparable to European machines of the same size but much cheaper. Open lid and machine stops. Easy to disassemble and clean.

Countertop Batch Freezer

This small, space saving but powerful freezer makes high quality, premium ice cream up to 18L/hr. Manual operation saves cost and is more stable in unreliable power supply areas. It has a patented blender that assures smooth, creamy gelato. It can produce a full-sized tub of 4.8L/hr. Magnetic sensor stops machine when door is opened. Blades inexpensive and easy to replace. Runs on singe phase 110 or 220V power supply.

Manual Batch Freezer

Manually operated, without a microprocessor not only saves cost but is a much more stable and failure-resistant platform, partic-ularly in places where the power supply is unstedy. Highly-efficient heat-exchanging cylinders enable fast production. Either 220/110 power or 3-phase. 10L capacity. Can produce 30-40L/hr.

Professional Batch MACHINE

The mainstay of our own ice cream production, highly reliable, full of solid-state, modern modules. Microprocssor provides many options for manifacture. Large touch screen controller. Failure diagnosis system. Easy to disassemble and clean. Available in air or water cooled, 3-phase. The 30 and 45 L models have a semi-hermetic compressor.

Combo Batch/pasteurizer

This is the same machine as the one to the left but it has a batch pasteurizer on top that decants by gravity into the batch freezer. The heating and cooling cylinders are connected by a removable sanitary valve. Batch and pasteurizer can run at same time.