The display case is your window to the customer. It’s main job is to make your ice cream as visible and desirable as possible . Also, the case canot be too high, because it is important for the customer to see the sales clerk. Last but certainly not least, the case has to be reliable and keep working year after year, with little maintenance. To make sure of all that, we sell European cases, made with European quality and elegance by a company 80 years in business, but since they are made in Western Turkey, the price is right.

We sell high-quality display cases at a good price. You can expect years of reliable service.

Our dynamic cases all have full-size evaporators and heavy duty compressors, reverse hot air defrost, heated windows, a good control panel–everything


  • Swing-open front
  • Heated, self-defrosting glass
  • Chills to at least -22C
  • Automatic defrost cycle

QUICK TIP: Many showcases are illuminated with fluorescent bulbs. Be sure they are warm white and if not replace them. Warm white enhances the color of the ice cream.