Fresh, hand-made cones are a taste treat and also a marketing device. People love watching them being made and this attracts crowds. The batter contains eggs and butter, so, a strong smell of baking pastry attracts customers.

This Cone Maker (above) is heavily built for commercial use. Both plates are nonstick, Teflon coated. Both plates heat up, making it unnecessary to flip the cone.

Plate temperature is thermostatically controlled. Each unit comes with a plastic cone roller-mandril. The aluminum one (right) and rolling mandrilĀ  are extra, but worth it.

  • Wt: Net 18 Kg Gross 22 Kg Load: 220 Volts, 1,800 watts
  • Housing and bonnets of Stainless Steel
  • 1 Pair Baking Plates of Teflon-coated heavy cast iron
  • 1 Temperature controller
  • 1 Indicator Lamp plastic cone mandrill to roll cone
  • Dimensions: W / D / H Closed: 350 x 500 x 275 Open : 350 x 520 x 560 mm