Gelato pasteurisation, is also known as “low” (temperature) pasteurization because the mix is just heated to 62-65C for 30 minutes, just hot enough to kill most bacterIa and molds but not so hot that the mix gets a cooked flavor. During this process, a high-speed agitator homogenizes the ingredients and also whips in air, which is important.

With high speed agitation and the help of emulsifiers in the mix, the fats are broken down and amalgamated so that they can be homogenized. 

After the mix is pasteurized, the temperature is lowered to about 4C and kept there for 1-2 hours to “age.”  A typical strategy is to pasteurize a batch late in the day and leave it in the pasteurizer to age overnight. 

The pasteurizer parameters have all been set at the factory but you can change them with the large touch screen controller, which has 9 built-in standards and 11 customize programs. Failure diagnosis system can help to recover a normal operation quickly.

MB18T, 22T
MB36T, 54T
These rugged blast freezers chill to -39C, are all stainless steel inside and out. Have a digital temperature controller with defrost option and digital display. Auto switch turns off fans when door opened. Fan & extended evaporator coil eliminate icing on interior walls. Fin coil and forced air evaporator coil result in faster performance. Heated drain pan dissipates condensation. The MB6T top is at countertop height. Our 6T has run for 6 years (so far)nwithout service.