miracle noun-An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin.

Incredibly, Dream Cones is the largest manufacturer of gelato products in Thailand, but we do no advertising and not a single drop of our ice cream is sold under our brand! How is this possible?

The answer is simple. We pack our ice cream in other companies cups! We can put a starup in business, with their own special flavors (or any of ours) in about two weeks! Our Master Chef, Chef Apple is a genius at making flavors. She can create a flavor in a couple of hours that would take a research lab a month and cost the customer thousads of dollars.

Then, there is the savings. We can deliver finished ice cream at a price so low it can’t be beat.

Even if a startup buys manufacturing equipment, they can’t make their own ice cream cheaper than we can. They do not need a factory, manufacturing staff or even refrigerated storage to get started! We can make product runs small enough for a startup budget and we will store their ice cream for them and arrange delivery.

How good are our products? So good they hurt the mouth! Our customers win first prizes at every show. So, how do we advertise? Customers are obliged to let us put our name and logo in small print on the back of every cup, and to show their cups as we are doing here. The public may not notice, but rest assured other ice cream manufacturers sure do! Visit our Thai website (English/Thai) at: www.dreamcones.co.th