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Who We are What We Sell

Ice Cream manufacturing equipment Kiosk shops restaurant franchise


 What is Dream Cones?

Our mission is to get you started in the dessert and light food business and put you on the road to success.

We offer EVERYTHING you need, almost to the toothpicks. This is particularly useful when stuff is hard to get where you are.

What we sell:

  1. Italian ice cream (gelato) ingredients
  2. ice cream manufacturing and display equipment
  3. Cafe & Restaurant equipment & decor

We use what we sell in our own shops and factories.

Most of our international customers are manufacturing franchisees, located in Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Laos, Mauritius, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Our Thailand retail division supports operations throughout the country.

Ingredients are made at our factories in Thailand and Italy.

Passion fruit gelato- Ice cream gelato in tub Umm-mm-m good!

What is Gelato?

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. It is much healthier and more intensely flavored, compared to commercial ice cream, with 1/3 the fat and 15% less sugar. It is also available in sugar-free and non-dairy.

Soy-So Delicious® Is a non-dairy “gelato,” made with soy protein. It tastes identical to regular. It is available in most of the same flavors as regular gelato and tastes the same. For health-conscious & fat people, ti is a big deal.

Our delicious Soft Serve Crepe soft serve machinery supplies training

Soft Serve

Our soft serve base is low in fat and sugar. A favorite is yoghurt-flavored, made with real Italian yoghurt powder.


There is an ever-increasing demand for low calorie foods, but no-one wants to sacrifice flavour!  ALL of our products are available in sugar free* and they taste just the same as regular.

International Franchising

Complete service for the startup ice cream entrepreneur, including training, machinery, ingredients, marketing and support. Those manufacturing our products in their shops pay a one-time franchise fee.

Selling light food improves profits. We help with recipes, training and marketing.

Good Apple Menu Mexican food and drinks Fusion food

Good Apple Menu Italian, Texas Thai Fusion food menu- cant′t be beat!

Mall kiosk ice cream kiosk light food dessert kiosk

Our Fusion Food Menu

Our menu of fusion food from around the world is very easy to make and supported by our flavours and spices.  Use them and your food tastes the same every time. People everywhere love every item we serve

Our Kiosks

A kiosk is a free standing outlet usually located in a mall walkway. These have many advantages. They are pre-fabricated and shipped to your port with your other equipment.

15 sm to 32 sm

It is often easier to find kiosk space in  mall than shop space. Kiosks are rectangular, providing more “up front “space for better product presentation.

Good Apple restaurant and or Ice Cream & Dessert shops we get you going!

Shops & Restaurants

 Shops allow you to cook and sell food In addition to a wider variety of ice cream products, coffee specialties, cakes and pastries.

The restaurant shown above is 65 s.m. cafe, located in an upscale mall surrounding an artificial lake.

Ice cream manufacture and supply Ice cream cookie & light pastry training

Factory Operation

 Our Bangkok Factory capable of producing 1.5 tons of ice cream per day

Factory operation consists of manufacturing gelato, ice cream cakes and rolls using Dream Cones ingredients. The floor plan below corresponds to the photo above. This factory contains 2 Batch freezers, 1 Pasteurizer, 2 blast freezers.

A factory designed to service 10-30 shops or small restaurants consists of the following equipment:

Output can be doubled by adding a 30 L batch freezer and 120L pasteuriser. The factory above contains such equipment.

Ice cream gelato and specialty training Training class ice cream


Learn how  gelato factories work by working in one!

Our 5-day course consists of 3 morning lectures by Chef Michael, plus hands-on training in the factory directed by Big Boss.

Anyone cn teach you to make ice cream. We teach you to make & sell it!

Intensive factory training in gelato and cake manufacture is by Big Boss (Chef Apple). This is a tough course and you will be sore.

BELOW: Graduated trainee proudly showing her diploma and Dream Cones chef hat

Graduate of Dream Cones Training Class