Via Veneto Kiosk

Via Veneto Kiosk

Our new Via Veneto mall kiosk is made in Thailand and shipped to you in a container. It is really elegant.  It requires  a 3×5 m or 15 s.m. of floor space and seats four but with an extrra 3 s.m. you can have 3 tables which add 12 more seats to the setup.

Ice cream and other desserts are made offsite and you can also serve many of the Good Apple recipes also made offsite and reheated. This kiosk usually has a 160 cm, 16-flavor display freezer and 120 cm cake case. You can also add our impinger microwave and make pannkni-type sandwiches, hot croissants or make pizzas using pre-frozen shells.

The kiosk is designed to offer a considerable variety of products:

Ice cream Ice cream cakes & rolls Pastry, cakes, cookies Custards, fraps, Sandwiches, Hot Sandwiches, Salads, pizza, spaghetti, burritos

Offsite prepared foods: Spaghetti Sloppy Joes Stews

Slush drinks: Soft Drinks & shakes Espresso/coffee/tea

Espresso, 3-flavors of slush