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Can this really be a vegan dessert? Yes!

Vegan Frozen Desserts-Taste as delicious as regular!

Vegan frozen desserts are the choice of trendy, health and weight conscious people who want a delicious treat. Technically vegan desserts it cannot be called “ice cream” because ice cream must contain cream and butterfat. But, today, with all the new vegetable proteins and delicious flavors, especially the luscious Hokkaido full cream flavor, it is possible to have a wonderful dessert that is animal-product free and  contains no cholesterol, animal fat and very little or no sugar.

Our vegan desserts come in six pre-packaged flavors: vanilla, coffee, chocolate, coconut, dark chocolate and green tea. You can also buy the unflavored base and add any of our many delicious flavors, made with imported Italian flavorings. They come as regular or sugar free.

To see how really healthy these products are, take a look at the Nutrition Facts (below) of a few of our many flavors.


Custom Flavors from Chef Apple

Customize your product line with special flavors that Chef Apple can make for you! We have helped dozens of new entrepreneurs by providing special products that are unique to them, such as: Macadamia Sorbet, Maple Pecan Sorbet, Mocha Chocolate Cookie and many more.

Luscious Mocha Chocolat Brownie Vegan Dessert

A luscious Tiramisu vegan dessert dusted with cocoa

Offer Unique Flavors or Old Classics

Work with Chef Apple to produce a product line no-one else can match. Your customers will love your new, low fat, zero cholesterol products an if they want them the have to come to you. Get in on the ground floor of this new, hot trend!