Snowman Combo Batch Pasteuriser


Snowman Combo

Snowman Combo


includes an upper pasteurizing tank that easily decants into the batch freezer. The pasteurization control is simple to use and allows the ice cream maker to choose between different temperatures and time settings for different types and sizes of batch.

The automatic program brings the mix to 85 ºC. and a buzzer announces that the mixture is ready

The temperature of the pasteurizing tank is regulated by a thermostat with many sensors and the cooking process is similar to that of bain-marie.

Two whisks constantly mix the mixture, avoiding the formation of gooey lumps. A second whisk stirs in the opposite direction and prevents the solid ingredients from following the main whisk, thus producing a much more homogeneous ice cream mixture.

The lower batch chamber is basically a SNOWMAN batch freezer with the same characteristics.