Our Ice Cream in Your Cup!

Unique Opportunity for Startups!

Save tremendous startup expense: the cost of machinery; training; salaries; rent; manufacturing space by marketing your brand using our world-famous gelato, so rich, so creamy, all natural and available at such a good price! Put your startup money where it counts, into MARKETING and SALES!

Choose from a variety of styles:

Dream Cones Gelato

a classic gelato made with lots of Australian milk, imported Italian flavors and real fruit, nuts, vanilla

Healthy Choice Gelato

Same as classic gelato but sugar-free and low fat, loaded with protein, about 70 calories per serving, yet tastes EXACTLY the same a regular!

Thai Dessert Flavored Gelato

The flavors of Thailand’s most delicious desserts, such as mango/sticky rice, captured in gelato–Thais love it!

Dream Cones Sherbet

intensely-flavored, milk-free dessert containing just 2% vegetable fat, less than 60 calories/serving

Dream Cones Sorbet

Tart, very refreshing, often used in drinks, all natural with real Italia flavor but no milk, cream or FAT

On-a-Stick-Gelato or Healthy Choice popsicles

in a variety of shapes and flavors





Marketing is the Key!

—(and it ain’t cheap)—

Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by marketing.

People believe that the way to sell a product is to market it.

Customers will return again and again to a superior product like ours,

but they have to buy it it the first time!


We can pack our delicious ice cream in a variety of cups, 4,5,8,12 &18 oz plus pints and quarts, in cups of your design, printed with you logo or to do a test run, you can even buy printed cups and add your own sticker.  We make pack your cups with the product of your choice, blast freeze it and all you need is a large chest freezer you can buy in any home store to store it. Lasts for months! Avoid spending thousands of dollars on an expensive manufacturing startup! Test your market for cheap!
Think of the months of planning, labor and expense you can save. Put your energy into identifying your target market, advertising and sales!