Soft Serve Countertop Lite Machine

Lite Countertop

Lite Countertop Elegant & Inexpensive Soft Serve Machine

This inexpensive, light-weight, countertop soft serve machine has a number of advantages over the classic type. It is gorgeous and does something the old-style machines just can’t do—

—it displays the ice cream!

The rotating dasher is in constant motion, attracting attention.  You can add bits of fruit to increase appeal. The rotating dasher keeps the product density consistant all the time.

The temperature range is 0° to -7°C (+32° to+19°F) and -7°C is perfect for soft serve. But, by setting the temperature to 0°C, you can also use it to dispense slush drinks!  6L hopper, add 5.5L mix.  What a deal!

Because the product is constently cold, the machine needs to be cleaned only every 3-4 days, and it is so very easy to disassemble the simple dispenser.

Comes in one or two flavours, Also available as shown with a “Sweet & Lovely” plastic jacket

colors: red, champagne or white.