About Our Ingredients

About Our Ingredients

Everything You Need to Make Fine Gelato

The problem with a website is—

—you can’t taste it. If you could, you would become a convert to our gelato in an instant. The flavor is right in your face, crisp and intense. Maybe I’m blowing my own horn but I have spent a lifetime cooking and am amazed every day at how good our stuff tastes. No sense being modest.

Our ice cream ingredients are made from the finest components: wonderful NZ whole milk powder and fresh or frozen fruit. A lot of the fruit is grown right near our factories. The rich, creamy goodness of our bases is combined with intense, all-natural fruit and nut flavors. The wonderful flavour comes from wonderful ingredients

Our premium quality Express Base is loaded with rich, New Zealand whole milk powder, buttermilk powder and extra milk protein. It is every bit as good as using fresh. Compare it to any other base!

Of equal importance is ease of use. Express Base is so easy to use! Just add contents of the bag to 2 L hot water. Mix, chill and pour into batch machine. No measuring! Workers can learn in a few hours.

When it comes to price, our ice cream ingredient prices are hard to beat. Manufacturing costs are lower here in Thailand. We pass those savings on to you!

Join the Dream Cones family and sell the best.

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