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Ice Cream Entrepreneurs Guide Getting Started in the Ice Cream Business


Michael Greenwald


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Greenwald, Michael 1942—

The Ice Cream Entrepreneur’s Guide (Getting started in the ice cream business)—1st edition August 2011 241 pp

  1. Ice cream manufacture & sale  2. Gelato manufacture , marketing and sale  3. Ice cream business

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Introduction to the Ice Cream Business


Everyone loves ice cream—there’s lots of it around and many people dream of making and selling it. It’s a great business and thousands of entrepreneurs are making money in it right now. You can be one of them!

An ice cream kiosk or shop is easy to manage and if the location is right, the return on investment is far greater than from stocks, bonds or bank interest and the cost is far less than would be required to purchase a condo or other income property. It’s a wonderful business with a lot of room for creative expression.

Ice cream is as popular as it has ever been, with Datamonitor forecasting global value sales that by 2014 will be 21% higher than in 2009. The message is that many consumers are trading up to premium variants where the unique selling points are a combination of indulgence and innovation.

Having helped hundreds of people get into the ice cream business, we are constantly reminded about how different we see the road to success compared to new ice cream entrepreneurs. Almost always the first thing newcomers ask about is: “How do I make ice cream and how much money can I make.” We think the right questions are: “Where is a good location” and “How do I generate sales?”

If you think that by making and/or selling terrific ice cream the world will beat a path to your door, get your bankruptcy documents ready now. The world is full of ice cream and quality alone will not beat the competition. One thing is certain: if you sell a lot of ice cream you will make money! What you really need to know is: how will you SELL your product.