Countertop blast freezes 6 trays quickly

Super-efficient -40C blast freezer

Four half-door reefer

Refrigerators and Blast Freezers

Our reefers and and ice cream blast freezers are the best quality, made with European compressors.  They have an all-stainless exterior. The compressor assembly has a clean, simple design (see pic) and all components are easily accessible.  They run for years without break-down but may need gas every few years. Ice cream blast freezers which freeze to -30 to -40C are much colder than restaurant style blasts which usually freeze to -15C, so don’t be fooled.

Like all of our equipment, reefers and ice cream blast freezers are warranted for 1-year, parts and labor.


  • Refrigerators (Chiller): -2 to +4 C (28 to 39 F)
  • Restaurant Freezers: -18 to -22C ((0 to -8F)
  • Ice Cream Blast Freezers  -35 to -40C (-95 to -104F) Pages 30-32

Ice cream cannot be hardened efficiently in a restaurant blast freezer. It requires much lower temperatures.

Ice cream blast freezers are slightly more expensive than restaurant freezers because they have larger compressors.  They harden ice cream as hard as cement in about 90 minutes.  This considerably improves smoothness. Ice cream blast freezers can also be used as restaurant freezers.