Healthy Choice Gelato

Healthy Choice Gelato

High in Protein, Low in Fat, No Table Sugar at all. Tastes the Same as Regular!

Healthy Choice is the modern choice, with 6.4% protein per serving (20% of solids), 60% less calories than regular and only 3.5% fat.  Table sugar has been completely replaced with Maltitol, a low-calorie sweetener and Erythritol, which has no calories at all and passes thru the body unchanged. It is ideal for the health conscious, weight watchers and diabetics.

The fruit flavors have just 65-70 calories per serving and are rich in vitamin C. Each portion has the very same taste and loads of flavor, same as regular!

Being a skeptic, I always thought that anything healthy could not taste as good, but Healthy Choice proves me wrong! It is just as creamy and delicious as regular with the same intense flavor!

Healthy Choice is an Express base, made the same way as all the others: Just add the bag of base to 2L hot water, mix, chill,  add to the batch freezer and add the flavor. In 10 minutes, Voila! Out comes delicious gelato! All of the flavors available in regular are available in Healthy Choice!

Rich and creamy like all our products, can be made with any of our 59 flavors