Gelato Maker’s Guide

Gelato Maker’s Guide

Gelato Maker’s Guide: An Authoritative text about the manufacture and sale of ice cream (gelato), with hundreds of photos, charts and graphs. 

Gelato Maker′s Guide cover

Sample page Gelato Maker′ Guide sample page

Gelato Maker′s Guide sample page

Gelato Maker′s Guide sample page

Gelato-Makers Guide 

Manufacturing and selling ice cream


Michael Greenwald

360 pp

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A master, authoritative text about the manufacture and sale of ice cream, the major text of the ice cream industry, years in the making, with hundreds of photos, charts and graphs. Just the Table of Contents alone is four pages long! Having spent ten years making and selling gelato, developed all of the flavours and bases used in the industry and built ice cream factories all over the world, there aren’t many people with more experience and expertise than Dr. Greenwald.

Everything you need to know including machinery selection, factory layout, pasteurising, making gelato, sherbets, sorbets, sugar-free and soy frozen desserts, making ice cream cakes and specialties, health/safety, delivery, display, marketing—so much is packed into this eText! Dozens of photos, charts and graphs. Boy, do you ever get your money’s worth with this book! Comes with many free recipes and formulas.

Most of all, Gelato Maker’s Guide is not just about MAKING gelato (that’s easy!), it is a book devoted to helping you cut costs, sell at a profit and MAKE MONEY.

But don’t think Gelato Maker’s Guide is just technical and dull. It has dozens of interesting stories and anecdotes plus chapters devoted to retail sales, marketing, selecting refrigeration equipment and getting your ice cream business up, running and MAKING MONEY! There are no other books on the market as complete as Gelato Maker’s Guide!

Below is a list of the chapters in the Guide but the chapter titles alone do not reveal the depth and insights you get on each subject:

  • Chapter 1: Every Level of Sin
  • Chapter 2 Composition of Ice Cream
  • Chapter 3 Opening a Gelato Business
  • Chapter 4 How a Gelato Factory Operates
  • Chapter 5 Batch Freezers
  • Chapter 6 Continuous Freezers
  • Chapter 7 Soft Serve
  • Chapter 8 Pasteurisers
  • Chapter 9 Flavours
  • Chapter 10 Stabilizers & Emulsifiers
  • Chapter 11 Bases
  • Chapter 12 Health, Sanitation and Safety
  • Chapter 13 Freezers
  • Chapter 14 Packaging
  • Chapter 15 Decorating
  • Chapter 16 Sorbets, Sherbets, Ice Drinks
  • Chapter 17 Ice Cream Specialties
  • Chapter 18 Semi-freddo
  • Chapter 19 Vegan Specialties
  • Chapter 20 Formulae & Miscellaneous

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Gelato Maker’s Guide

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