Fun in Bangkok and Surrounding Areas

Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in the world, a combination of Los Angeles Wilshire Boulevard and the old West. Compared to the developed countries, travelers find the lower-level of rules and restrictions refreshing. The streets abound with sidewalk food stands, providing some of the very best food in Thailand at rock-bottom prices, usually far better and invariably less expensive than the tourist restaurants.

A great deal of the most interesting things to see and do can be found on the streets. “Getting there” is usually easy, either by Skytrain, all of the signs are in English, the ticket-sellers speak English and the transport system is geared to the traveler.  The transportation alternatives are numerous: subway, taxis, the famous 3-wheeled “took-took” or the fastest way, the exciting but sometimes terrifying motorbike taxi. There is also a well-developed river ferry and high-speed long-tail river taxi system that can take you back into the past, to villages time has forgotten, looking much as they did a century or more ago. There is also a well-developed bus system for taking travelers outside the cities and there are first-class busses that are hard to beat for comfort.

So, check out our photo travel files in “Fun in Bangkok” so you can have fun before or after your training class. Be sure to book a few extra days so you can explore Bangkok!

Learn more about major tourist attractions and hotels in our BANGKOK WEEKEND AND HOTEL GUIDE  found in “Downloads.”