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Start Your Own Coffee, Dessert Shop or Small Restaurant–

We Start You Up, Get You Going!

Nigerian student learning to make pizza

If you always dreamed of opening your own coffee shop, dessert shop or restaurant but do not have the expertise, we can help! Our decades of experience have helped hundreds of people just like you to startup and stay up in the food business!

We help you every step of the way, advise on location, propose shop lay-out, help select equipment and decor. Know the cost of everything before spending a penny! 

Learn to make some of the world’s most popular, universally loved foods, like pizza, burgers, burritoes and many more–absolutely delicious recipes tested in own kitchens.

Optional Franchise for a small fee and gain access to our many branded items like disposables, uniforms and advertising or create your own brand by yourself.

This may be the hardest 10 days of your life but after we are finished, you will be ready for your Grand Opening and we will be there to supervise it.


A burger is a burger is a burger? NO!

A hamburger is probably the most popular food in the world, so it is amazing how few people really know how to make a great one. You can buy frozen patties, prepare them yourself and freeze them or make them fresh, which is more juicy. A quality burger creates a dedicated clientele!

A good burger is made from several cuts of beef, ground two different ways, with a few “secrete” sauces and spices added and then compressed in a press. If they are too thin they end up being dry. If they are too thick they take too long to cook.

And then there is the bun. It can be a store-bought bun but  then it is just ordinary. Or, it can be one you make or have made for you, that looks special and has a better texture.

And, what about the cheese? Any old cheese just will not do! Let us help you pick the right one.

Finally, there is the sauce. It is ALWAYS a “secrete” sauce and ours can’t be beat!


It is amazing how many different dishes can be made even in the smallest kitchen!

All these many itms were made just using a grill and BBQ (not shown)

Of course kitchen size determines what you can make and also how many customers you can feed. But by selecting the right menu and with a into expertise, we can show you how to make many popular, delicious foods in a small space.

In kiosks, which usually lack a vent, it is often not possible to make smelly foods or roasts, but it is amazing how many items can be made off site, unit packed and reheated in the microwave. You can’t make burgers but you can make Sloppy Joes, spaghetti, even roasted food, all made in your home kitchen!

Our world-famous pulled pork sandwich, on a home-made bun is our most popular item, yet it is made off site, in our own home kitchen!


Our most popular product, BBQ pulled pork, made in our home kitchen!

This is a typical startup menu made in Word, so that it is easy to make changes

After changes have been made during the start, a permanent menu is made

Our coffee shop in Dhaka

Alcove of coffee shop in Dhaka

This is the raw space

The rendering in Photoshop

The finished exterior

The finished interior

There are four most important things to make you a success in the restaurant business: location, location, location–and I forget the other one.  This old saying is just as true in a mall, a strip mall or on a street, but each site is different, requires a different front and different marketing.

The next step after finding the right location is the layout (example: LEFT).  We make them to scale in Photoshop, so we can send you the file and you can move things around. Our layouts are user-friendly, easy to use and come in layers including kitchen equipment, decor, electrical wiring and plumbing. We include fire suppression layout and emergency escapes.

As part of this package you are obliged to buy your equipment from us but we always try to accommodate the customer. In addition to a service fee, the cost of our 10-day fly-in includes air fare and lodging. We train you and your entire staff to do everything! When we finish, everything is running properly and your freezes and refers are full of product, ready for the grand opening!

We develop shop sites from scratch. The images above show the progression of a shop from a raw space to a finished product.



Take the stress out of opening your shop or restaurant.

Avoid costly mistakes

Join the Dream Cones family!  

Put Experts on your team!