Ice Cream Flavors

Flavours come in 4L buckets or 1-shot bags

Easy to make great strawberry flavour-just use lots of strawberries!

Kiwi paste made from real kiwis

Frozen raspberries from America


Our all-natural ice cream flavours (pastes) are chock-full of real fruit, imported Italian flavors and aromas. Many of the fruits we use grow right behind our Hua-Hin factory. They are as good as the best Italian products.  But, since labor is so much cheaper here, manufacturing costs are less.  We pass those savings on to you.

In the pail, our ice cream flavours taste sour..  That is because the flavor and color are stabilized with sorbic acid, a natural preservative.  But, the sourness is transformed amazingly into sweetness when mixed with ice cream!

Ice cream flavors, called “pastes” are sold in 4L pails. They do not require refrigeration after opening, but the “toppings” also sold in 4L pails do require it after opening.

Dose/ Tub= 3L mix or 4.5L ice cream:

Fruit flavors 250 gr.

Nuts150 gr.

Vanilla 250 gr.

Recommended Dose

Most flavors 250 gr./3.1 kg. tub

Nut Flavors: 150 gr./tub

One Shot Pack: One pack flavors one bag of base.  No measuring.

Ice Cream Toppings in 2L and 4 L Pails

  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Mini Nips
  • Chopped Peanuts
  • Rice Crisps
  • Oreo sprinkle

Healthy Choice Sugar-Free Flavors

Healthy choice flavors, are similar in taste and texture to regular but the sugar has been replaced with low calorie sweeteners, yielding a perfectly sweetened flavoring rich in vitamin C, suitable for the health conscious, weight-watchers and diabetics. Each dose adds just 10 calories to each serving.