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Bosporus Bell Display Freezer & Pastry Case

Bosphorus Bell Pan Layout & Profile

Bosporus Belle

Bosporus Bell display case- Gorgeous, top-of-the-line gelato and pastry cases with trendy styling, all-European components and tremendous marketing appeal. Every part is made in Europe. Low profile makes viewing easy thru front and top glass. Easy to clean swing-down front glass, Pull- down rear curtain.The compressors are French hermetic Tecumseh, very quiet.

Models above 12 flavors have two compressors. Funct ions up to +35C external temperature.

Tropicalized version for external temperatures above 35C uses hermetic Tecumesh French compressor or semi hermetic Frascold (Italian) compressors-slight extra charge.

Fast-acting, double defrost system with heaters and hot gas at the same time. Defrosting in about two minutes. Includes pans and crate. Rear Plexiglas doors or pull-down curtain. Tested to 35C+. Tag: Bosporus Bell display case

Bosporus Belle Gelato & Pastry Specs

  • P12-G : 1215 x 1271 x 1260 mm
  • P16-G : 1550 x 1271 x 1260 mm
  • P18-G : 1720 x 1271 x 1260 mm
  • P24-G : 2240 x 1271 x 1260 mm
  • P12-P : 1215 x 1271 x 1260 mm
  • P16-P : 1550 x 1271 x 1260 mm
  • P18-P : 1720 x 1271 x 1260 mm
  • P24-P : 2240 x 1271 x 1260 mm