Avante Display Freezer

Avante Pasty case

Event low profile even kids get full view!

Avante Profile

Avente Display Freezer

Avante Display Freezer Gelato & Pastry Case

The Avante is a modern design that improves sales in several ways. The stylish case is lower in height, just 1266 mm high, so short people and kids can see the ice cream from above. Also employees, particularly short ones, can be face to face with the customer and not have to stand on a step and look down.

The customer gets a better view of the product from above and, most important, since the top is glass, you can hang high intensity lights above the case, which greatly improves color temperature and therefore appeal. Ha
s matching pastry case in several sizes. All European parts. Easy to use controller. The Art deco pastry case is humidified to prevent drying.

Gelato Case available in 12,16,18 &24 flavors

Pastry Case available in 12,16,18, 24

COMBOS available in 2400mm wide, curved corner case and 45 de. Curved case