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Art Deco 24 Flavour Display Freezer

Art Deco

Art Deco Gelato & Matching Pastry Cases Made in Turkey European Quality. Available curved

One of our most gorgeous cases, classic style, with a back-lit, front panel with an appealing illuminated design, built by Europe’s oldest, most reliable manufacturers. We have sold many over the years but never had to service any! Reliable French compressor, heated anti-fogging glass, adjustable defrost cycle, easy-to-use controller. Matching pastry case available.

The “Sport” model is the same case as the classic Art Deco case with all the same features but a different exterior style.

Gelato and Pastry Cases Available as :

  • Rectangular
  • 45 curved
  • Gelato/pastry case combo
  • Also available :

The Art Deco Sport case uses the same frame and compressor assembly as the Art Deco but has a different exterior style.

  • Rench Tecumesh compressors
  • Swing-up front glass with piston hinge.
  • Double pane glass, heated to prevent frosting.
  • All European components.
  • Rear plastic doors or pull-down curtain.
  • Illuminated flavor panels. Tropicalized to 35C+ and up to 45C for slight extra charge.
  • Matching pastry and cold stone case
  • 45° Curved case available.
  • Available in 220v50/60 Hz. or 3 Phase
  • 16, 18 & 20 cases have 2 compressors