DreamMaxx Mall Kiosk

DreamMaxx Kiosk with Good Apple Menu (on top)

DreamMaxx 32 sm Kiosk Floor Plan

DreamMaxx Saudi Grand Opening

DreamMaxx Kiosk

Mall Kiosk to Fit Your Space

Mall shop space is always hard to find and often what is available is in the wrong place. Don’t wait! Buy a Dream Cones Mall Kiosk to Fit Your Space.  Kiosks present more front viewing space.They are very compact.  You can sell many products from a small space. Customers can watch, providing entertainment that draws crowds. Most important, a Mall Kiosk space is often available and in better locations than the few available shop spaces.

Our kiosks come in a variety of sizes custom built them to fit your space. Made in Thailand. We pass our low manufacturing cost along to you! You can sell both food and desserts. You can even move the kiosk to better locations or even to another mall. Check out our DreamMaxx Mall Kiosk 32 s.m, which can sell our full line of desserts and also some wonderful Good Apple foods.