Crepe Maker

Luscious Soft Serve Crepe

Soft serve crepe

Scoops beside crepe

Dream Cones crepe training

Spreading batter with crepe spatula

Typical crepe maker

a little batter makes a big crepe!

Make crepes in advance

Crepe Maker

Our Crepe Maker Griddle Made in Thailand

Customers love to watch crepes being made. Their eyes grow larger and larger as they watch their treat being created, surrounded by wonderful smells. Crepes are low in cost but have a high mark-up. You can add Nutella, syrups, fruit and sprinkle with cocoa or sugar.

220v. 50 cm (w) 50 (d) x 14. 5 cm (ht) 19.5”

You can make the crêpes one-by-one or precook them in advance for rush hour, to be reheated and finished in just a few seconds. Crepe Maker turns simple ice cream into a gourmet treat!