China Pro Pasteuriser-agers

China Pro Pasteurizer

20, 35, 60 & 120 L Pasteurizer/Homogenizer/Ager

Pasteurizers raise temperatures to 83°C. for three minutes to kill bacteria and homogenize the mix but their main benefit is thorough mixing followed by cold aging. After pasteurizing, the aging cycle cools the base to +4°C injecting the maximum amount of air with constant whipping.

Pasteurizer temperatures and Aging can be set for a specified time. The chiller can run as long as you wish—such as over night. Aging helps proteins and carbohydrates bond,making the mix creamier. High speed impeller drives maximum air into mixture.

Cycle takes about 2 hours. A with 220V/1 phase or 380V/3-phase power supply. Both models are available with water or air cooling but water cooling is more efficient. Add $400 for air cooling.