China Pro Batch Freezer

Easy control panel. Guide written by us.

Dasher pulls out easy, quick to clean, cheap to replace blades

Recent upgrade increases main bearing life.

Rugged machine a real work horse, best profit-to-cost ratio

Clean, easy-to-service panel

Has two automatic and two manual modes

Sleek dasher with easy-to-remove blades

China Pro Batch Freezer

China Pro Batch Freezers produce similar quality ice cream with the same overrun (34%) as European machines  but extrude it a bit warmer, so it needs to be hardened in a blast freezer thereafter.  They are used in many of our factories. They have good quality control and compensate for input temperature and variations in the mix. Dasher easy to remove and clean. They are slightly more maintenance prone than European equipment but highly reliable and their lower cost and therefore return on investment can’t be beat.  You save thousands of dollars!

CHINA PROS cost about 1/3 the price of European equipment, and require service about once or twice a year, mostly recharging gas. Modular electronic relays, easy to replace but we have never had a failure. Mechanical parts are commonly found in all large cities. Slick, clean interior, well-organised electronic module panel, accessible motherboard, European compressor, the models keep improving.

Improved electronic module pre sets the machine for hardness. This results in highly consistent product.   China Pro Batch Freezer have easy-to-read electronic module shows the progress of the batch and has a fault finding mode.

Preset Operating MODES (hardness is measured 1-10)

  • Excellent Mode (automatic) : Temperature and stiffness measurement produce gorgeous product.  Extrudes at about -7C. Blast-freeze to harden.
  • Speed Mode :  Produces slightly softer (5) gelato in about 6-7 minutes ready for blast freezer
  • Hard Mode : Produces stiff product (7) ready for immediate sale in display freezer
  • Self-defined Mode : Allows you to set both time and hardness

Outstanding Features

China Pro Batch Freezer

  • SAFE OPERATION : System inoperative when door is open.
  • EMERGENCY STOP : Emergency Stop any time
  • PROTECTIVE DOOR GRATE : Finger protection bar to protect operator.
  • DOUBLE SPEED FREEZING : Low speed for gelato, high speed for ice cream.
  • DIGITAL ELECTRONIC MODULE : Adjust time and speed.  Self-diagnosing fault finder
  • OWER SUPPLY : 380-430V  3-PHASE ; 50-60 Hz. Optional 220v for 7, 10.5 models
  • COOLING : water  air add $400
  • EXTERIOR : All stainless Steel