China Expert Pasteurisers

China Expert Pasteurizers

The superior quality of China Expert Pasteurisers is matched in their pasteurizers.  The superior agitator not only swirls the mix, it also homogenizes it, thoroughly blending the ingredients and injecting maximum air into the product.

Homogenizing speed and Blending speed :

High speed rotor for blending and homogenizing, low speed for blending. System will switch automatically to homogenizing speed when temperature is higher than 55℃ to cut the ingredient particle into smaller size then squeeze and shoot out through small holes in the agitator, to emulsify the ingredients, important for making high quality ice cream.

So easy to use!  We have never made any changes or adjustments in our factories—just turn on and run.

China Expert Pasteurisers, built-in three pasteurizing temperature molds–you choose

Technical Specifications :

  • Agitating mechanism is under the mix tank.
  • With homogenizing effect.
  • Double layer, thermal-insulated swing-up lid.
  • Electricity : 380V / three phase / 50Hz or 220V / three phase / 60Hz or 220V/single phase/ 60Hz and 50Hz.
  • Refrigeration system: 2 hp US made compressor.
  • Cooling system : Water cooling or air cooling system
  • Heating system: By 2800W heater.
    Net Weight : 210 Kg Mix is heated to 85 degree C (or any temperature needed) and stay at 85 C (or any temperature needed) for five seconds (or any period needed) for pasteurization, then cooling down and stay at the temperature of 4 C for aging.
  • Fully automatic controlled.Mix60L (3 in1) has a homogenization device to break the fat molecule into smaller size and get more creamy texture.