China Expert Batch Freezer

Ice Cream machine training: student working batch freezer

SChina Expert Batch Freezerซ sophisticated dasher, easy to service

China Expert Batch Freezer front view

Economical air-cooled or more efficient water cooling

Ice Cream Equipment: Simple controls, manual or fully automatic

ICE CREAM BATCH FREEZER durable, elegant, automatic

China Expert Batch Freezer

China Expert Batch Freezer

The primary market for China Expert equipment is the west.  They require little or no service.

You can’t see the difference between Expert and the more economically priced line, but it has an immensely heavier compressor, virtually maintenance-free with a vey long life. Heavier parts everywhere. The European-quality dasher helps inject more air into the product, relentlessly making it cheaper.

China Expert batch freezers have a lower extrusion temperature (-9C), 1.5C colder than the lower priced line, which produces a harder product that can be placed directly in the display freezer, without the need to blast freeze.

China Expert batch freezer is European quality machinery, built in China.


Many of our customers live in cities that have fluctuating electrical current. Our CHINA EXPERT PROTECTOR series has been made just for them. The Protector has all the high-quality compressors and other components of the Expert series, but the electronic panel has been removed, eliminating this most low voltage-sensitive part of the machine. A simple switch controls function. Instead of a fault diagnostic screen, there are warning lights. The unit has a larger evaporator, to make it more efficient. A solenoid switches the compressor to a neutral pressure gas loop to reduce resistance at startup. Best of all, there is no difference in price!

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  • SAFE OPERATION:Safety stop when the door is open.  Emergency Stop button  Finger protection bar at extrusion port
  • POWERFUL REFRIGERATION CAPACITY:Lower extrusion temperature means firmer product.
  • DOUBLE SPEED FREEZING:Low speed freezing for making Italian gelato, and high speed freezing for making high overrun ice cream.
  • Digital, and programmable control system : Easy operating, accurate freezing time setting and safe operation.
  • Self-Diagnosing System:The machine will diagnose the problem by itself and display on the control screen.