Machinery Water Chiller

Manufacturing Machinery Chiller

Our low-tech machinery water chiller is made by us in Thailand: Water is chilled in a Neoprene-insulated, 250 L water tank with an 18,000 b.t.u. air conditioner compressor. It will run two batch machines and two pasteurizers at the same time. The air conditioning compressor can be outside wall-mounted like an air ordinary air conditioner.

We use this chiller in most of our factories. It is rugged and as reliable as any air conditioner. It isn’t fancy or beautiful but it beats the pants off anything else in terms of price.

It comes mounted on a steel frame, but the compressor easily demounts for exterior wall mounting and it comes with pop-connector tubing for easy use. Any air conditioning tech can mount it in minutes. Includes control relay box and water pump. 220v. Any a/c tech can activate in minutes. Tag: machinery water chiller