Yoghurt Base

Our yoghurt base can’t be beat!

It is available as Express or Add-A-Cow bases but has genuine Italian yoghurt powder replacing an equal amount of NZ whole milk powder. It can also be ordered, like all our bases as sugar-free. It comes with a lactic acid liquid flavouring, allowing you to make the yoghurt as sweet or sour as you wish. It is usually made as a swirl, by adding blueberry, passion fruit or strawberry paste, swirled in as the yoghurt comes out of the machine.

Frozen yoghurt gelato is similar to milk gelato but more velvety in texture with a pronounced yoghurt flavour. Tests have shown that customers greatly prefer yoghurt gelato compared to frozen yoghurt.  It has twice the solids, making it much richer and more creamy.  It has much more protein and is never icy.  It does not melt as fast as frozen yoghurt and costs about the same.