2. Add milk

4. Heat with constant whisking to 50-60 C

6. Add sugar

7. Grains on spoon means mix more!

1. Everything you need-base, milk, cream, sugar

3. Add cream if desired

5. Add base and whisk thoroughly

8. No grains on spoon--and voila!

9. Add to batch machine, add flavour and in 7 minutes out comes ice cream!

Our Bases

Our all-natural bases are made with the finest ingredients. They resist melting, heat shock and tearing.  They trap the maximum overrun.  They produce a fluffy, creamy texture. You don’t need to add any special supplements or additives. Our delicious gelato base is formulated just right.

  • Creamy Regular Gelato
  • Regular Sorbet
  • Regular Sherbet
  • Healthy Choice Sugar-free
  • Sorbet base Sugar-free
  • Sherbet base Sugar-free

Add-A-Cow Base

Add-a-Cow base is popular In countries where milk is inexpensive.  Where milk and cream are cheap, you can use the much less expensive Add-A-Cow and save.  Get started with Express Base because it’s so easy to use.  The switch to Add-A-Cow later. Add your own milk, cream and sugar.  This gives you everything you get with Express base for less.

Add-A-Cow Base Flavors:

  • White Base 
  • Coffee 
  • Chocolate 
  • Coconut 
  • Green Tea 
  • Yoghurt 

Instructions: Warm pasteurized milk or mix powdered milk in hot water.  Add 74 gr. Add-a-Cow base.  Mix thoroughly until no grains on spoon.  Chill 1-2 hours.

FLAVORING: Typical fruit flavor-blueberry $16/Kg., dose 250 gr/4.2L tub.

Dose:      85 gr./tub

Add flavor to batch machine while running. Add-a-Cow base beats the competition in flavour and taste every time!

Add-A-Cow White Base ( MAKES 1 L MIX)

Whole Milk*700 gr.

Cream, 35% Fat110 gr

Sugar120 gr

Dose Add-a-Cow 74 gr.

* or use 85 gr. powdered milk plus 610 gr. hot water  


Bag weight 2 Kg. 

Doses/bag 27