Sherbet, Sorbet & Soy-So-Delicious Bases

Kiwi Sorbet

Magnificent raspberry sorbet

Wildberry Sorbet

Soy Protein Chocolate-SO delicious!

Sherbet and Sorbet Express Bases

Sherbet and Sorbet Express bases contain no fat and are very refreshing. They are often used in slurpies and smoothies.

Sherbets are similar to sorbets but contain about 2% vegetable fat.  This makes them smoother, more creamy and less tart.

Sorbet & Sherbet Bases:  Do not require pasteurization.  The acidity of the mix prevents bacterial development.

Add chopped fruit to measuring container and fill to 2L with warm water.  Add bag of base and mix.  We recommend up to 500 gr. of fruit.

  • Sherbet Base
  • Sorbet
  • Lemon Sorbet Mocha
  • Yoghurt

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Soy Protein Frozen Dessert Express Base

Add bag to 2L just-boiled water.  Mix, age, add to batch machineMakes 1 tub

Soy-So-Delicious!® is a non animal-product frozen desert that simulates whole milk gelato.  Low fat (12%).  Made with Soy Protein Isolate, so the soy flavor is minimal.  Soy-So Delicious is just as delicious as milk gelato. You can’t tell the difference.

Available sodium casinate free for vegans–ask.

As a meat-eater, I have a natural suspicion of anything healthy-‘cause if it’s healthy, how can it taste good?  But, I have defeated myself!  Soy-So Delicious is so darned delicious I could not stop eating it

  • White
  • Chocolate
  • Yoghurt
  • Vanilla

Soy-So-Delicious! Is an Express base.  Add contents of bag to 2L hot water, mix, chill and add to batch machine.  A bag of Soy-So-Delicious base makes 1 tub, about 3.5Kg / 4.6L