Add bag to pasteuriser

Or, decant 2L of boiling water into graduate jug

Add bag of base to jug and mix thoroughly

Add cram if desired

whisk thoroughly about 3 minutes

Grains on spoon--mix more!

Chill mix before use

Out comes WONDERFUL ice cream!

Express base-1 bag makes 1 tub, about 4.8L

decant 2L of boiling water into jug

Makes 3 L of hot mix

No grains on spoon--means properly mixed

Pour into batch freezer

Add flavouring while machine runs

Express Base

Express Base is a premium product, made with lots of high quality NZ whole milk powder, whole buttermilk powder and all-natural ingredients.  So easy to make! Just add 1 bag of base to 2L hot water. The Express Sorbet contains no milk or animal products and contains about 2% vegetable fat.

Our Express Base is the Cadillac of the fleet. You should at least buy some and use it to test against everything else. If yours isn’t as good as ours—time to switch to Express base!

Gelato Express Base Nutritional Facts


Express Base Gelato or Sorbet Flavors

  • Milk (white, unflavored)
  • Chocolate
  • Cappuccino
  • Coconut
  • Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • yoghurt

Add contents of bag to 2L hot water. Mix, chill, add to batch machine. Makes about 4.5L ice cream

Dream Cones Healthy Choice Express Bases


Healthy Choice Express Base looks and tastes exactly the same as our regular gelato but have everything weight-watchers and the health-conscious want. It contains just 3.5% fat, no table sugar, is high in protein, suitable for the health-conscious, weight-watchers and diabetics. It contains no table sugar at all, just 1.8 gr of dextrose. The only other sugar is what is in the fruit. Healthy Choice is made  exactly the same as all of our Express bases, just add bag to just-boiled water, chill, add flavor and pour into batch machine.